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My Beautiful Paper Smile Chapter 1 Trailer

Fact Sheet


Two Star Games

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Vicarious Publishing

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Two Star Games Youtube



Gavin Eisenbeisz

Release Date:

Q1 2020

Game Description

My Beautiful Paper Smile is a story about a child trapped in a facility that raises children to be perfect. It is a horror game with unique art, sound, and atmosphere. Explore the facility you’ve been held in for so long, and attempt to escape. As you go, unlock the secrets that The Authorities hide, and discover what your purpose is in this strange and twisted world.

The game takes place across four chapters. The first will be released in Q1 2020. Proceeding chapters will become available as they are completed.

About Two Star Games

Two Star Games is a studio run by solo developer Gavin Eisenbeisz, who has created games as a hobby since 2012, and is now creating his first large commercial release, with My Beautiful Paper Smile.

About Vicarious Publishing

Vicarious Publishing is a publishing label formed from award winning PR and marketing agency Vicarious PR. Vicarious Publishing seeks to help bring unique, high-quality games to life.

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My Beautiful Paper Smile Chapter 1

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